Upper level: 5541 Bridgetown Rd.

Barb Busker (513) 549-8901
Carrie Cain (513) 413-6054
JoAnn Derenthal
Amy Elliot ext. 10
Anne Gallagher ext. 10
Cheryl Haney ext. 12
Pam Jennings (513) 545-9843
Debi Lillis ext. 10
Lisa Russell (513) 888-7708 or Click this Link to Book with Lisa!
Debbie Scherz ext. 10
Tia Fritz text (513) 638-8787 or Click this Link to Book with Tia!
Mike Brauer, barber, ext. 15

Lower Level: 5545 Bridgetown Rd
located at the back lower entrance. The address is on the door.

Tracy Anderson (513) 685-5274
Margo Brown ext. 21
Linda Gehrum ext.28
Toni Hosty (513) 703-6247
Jaina Kloephfer Click this Link to Book with Jaina!
Patty Magliano ext. 22
Gale Oehler ext. 24
Jodi Snowden ext. 26
Linda Strode (513) 807-1414
Dawn Tepe ext. 27
Loretta Wesseling (513 )919-1809

Nail Tech
Open Nail Tech Booth Available! We are a large salon with more than enough clients to support your business. Our stylists and clients are friendly, fun, and welcoming. Call or text Linda to find out more.  (513) 309-9160. We also offer a renter referral bonus (up to $1000) to anyone who recommends us to a new renter who stays for at least four months.

Massage therapists:
Becky Hirth (513) 377-4447
Stephanie Wesseling (513) 607-4379